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What are the best ways to lose fat in the chest and midsection for a 15 year old boy?

I am 15 and am embarrassed about excess fat on my chest and belly. I am an active teen who plays soccer and tennis on the varsity teams. I exercise often but have always had “manboobs” and excess fat on my midsection. I have tried jogging but I hate it and I’ve heard that just building muscle will make the problem worse because the fat is still there. I’m not overweight at all but I am embarrassed about the way I look.

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2 Responses to “What are the best ways to lose fat in the chest and midsection for a 15 year old boy?”

  1. Dan J said :

    if u are not overweight than u shouldnt have this problem. either ur exaggerating and worrying too much about a small thing or ur being too modest about ur weight. either way eat right, exercise often and the problem will fix itself bcuz u cannot spot train. ur body chooses where it will lose weight, not you.

  2. handsomejay87 said :

    The components of a healthy physique are your diet, activity level, and sleep cycle.
    Diet- Eat breakfast, eat small, frequent meals through the day (ie bring an apple to eat during or after a class while at school), and make sure you drink plenty of water. Just bring a bottle to school and fill it up in the drinking fountains between classes.
    Don’ts- No more soda pop. Period! This will have dramatic results.
    It sounds like you are exercising, which is good. Being on varsity soccer and tennis, I’m sure you do plenty of running, etc. Make sure you are getting a good workout from these, and make sure you have aerobic variety through your week. Often, your body gets used to an exercise and becomes more efficient at it, causing your body to not work as hard at it. Vary your workout routine to keep your body guessing. Don’t over do it, this is actually worse for your health.
    Make sure you get into a proper sleep cycle! Get enough sleep every night.
    Last, realize that everyone’s genes are different. You may not look like that shirtless wolf guy from Twilight, but most of us don’t. Be realistic and realize our bodies all form a little differently. Also be aware that you aren’t done growing and developing. Enjoy life, your best years are still ahead!
    Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.


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