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What are the best ways to get a fit body and have a nice physique?

In my neighborhood, there is no gym to practice but there are some places where I can run without any problem. I have dumbbells at home. Can you give me some advices about how to have a good,fit and muscular body in my situation. Also can you give me some links about training methods?
@Bivi c
I’m not trying to lose weight.

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2 Responses to “What are the best ways to get a fit body and have a nice physique?”

  1. Thomas M said :

    watch the rocky movies!!!!

  2. armyguyonyahoo said :

    Dont get caught up in the running part if you want to get muscular. Running keeps you in shape and its ok every now and then but if you want to gain muscle you can see and not just be bruce lee ripped, lay off the running and hit those dumbbells.

    Forget people who tell you to take protein shakes. Thats a bunch of crap. Every guy takes them because its the thing to do but they do nothing. Your body can only absorb so much protein a day and if you pump your body full of it, its just going to give you a fat stomach.

    Are you a thin guy? if you are eat CHICKEN and other meats high in NATURAL protein. find wesites that show you exercises which use dumbells.

    You dont need a gym to get in shape. Sitting on the edge of a chair and keepinf your legs out straight, and moving them up and down is an AWESOME workout for abs and theres no weights involved.


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