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What are the best ways to gain shoulder muscle?

-I’ve been working out awhile now, and my shoulders aren’t where I’d like them to be, so I’m wondering what’s the best exercises(s) to grow my shoulders and gain muscle there.

– I’m also wondering about Forearms if you’d like to take the time to answer that too.

-Thanks in advance everyone.

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4 Responses to “What are the best ways to gain shoulder muscle?”

  1. Hitch said:

    hold your arms out to the side while holding weights

  2. Shadow said:

    The best way (PERIOD.) would be pullups if you would like stronger shoulder muscles.

    Just buy an irongym if you need a pullup bar.

    (If you can’t do pullups yet, do negatives:
    1. Get a chair or something and put your head above the bar (Like a pullup but without actually pulling your self up)
    2. Get your feet off the chair and slowly lower your self to the ground.)

    Planks are pretty good for shoulder muscles too.

  3. funguyy said:

    presses and lateral raises for the shoulders.
    and seated forearm curls and a wrist roller works good for forearms too.

  4. Tommen said:

    if you want big forearms you gotta deadlift. Wrist curls and such might do a little bit but gains will be very small


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