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What are the best slimming pills with immediate effect?

Im a 14 and want to be an 12 I basically am runnning around all day on the shop floor which is my excersise and walk most places …… what are the best im in the UK?

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10 Responses to “What are the best slimming pills with immediate effect?”

  1. Kate H said :

    Dont take pills!!! Just eat low fat food and exercise honey!!

  2. Sal*UK said :

    I agree wholeheartedly with Kate – any pills that work are essentially speed. Stick to a good healthy diet and exercise – you WILL see results soon.

  3. Nancy Kay said :

    Don’t you think there if there actually were such a thing, we would all know about it and all have used it by now? But seeing as how you can look out on the street any day and see scores of obese people, I’m willing to bet that those magic slimming pills with the immediate results do not exist…

  4. tmerion said :

    The anti-seizure med, topomax (also used for migraines and mood stabilization) has been shown to facilitate weight loss. I do not know if it is available in the UK.

  5. evil_bunnies_of_death said :

    there are no magic pills im afraid, dont beleive the adverts. If there were, you think there would be so many obese people wandering around?

    Just keep exercising, keep your diet healthy and make sure you laugh lots because its good for you.

    If you have to take pills, i recommend jelly tots. Theyre really tasty and far more healthy than the junk you can buy over the internet.

  6. cflynn said :

    Pills are not your answer. There are slimming pills available on prescription that are not amphetamine based, they stop the absorption of fat. Xenical to name one. You are not obese so no GP would prescribe them to you. All you need to do it eat a balanced healthy diet and tone up in a gym.

  7. gilly g said :

    Pills arent the best way to lose weight. You need to sort out what you are eating. Eat healthily and only have junk as a treat. Also ou could try some cardio workouts which burn fat.

  8. doodle bop xx said :

    i av tried em all hun and they do not work, honest!! i have since lost weight by not snacking in between meals and running around the shop at work.

  9. ♥xharriboprincessx♥ said :
  10. cucufate said :

    You can use some products to be good, but you need to know what kind of metabolism you have and what the necessities of yur body, because you can’t loss more weight of the recommended to your height.

    I know very good products like Xenical and Hoodia. They are very interesting, but you need to know how to use them.

    If you want more information about those products, you can visit this interesting website:


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