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What are the best dieting powder or suplement or pills to take to lose weight and tone up?

Theres just so much out there its hard to decide.

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10 Responses to “What are the best dieting powder or suplement or pills to take to lose weight and tone up?”

  1. green_glow9 said :

    don’t do it! the best way to loose weight..and healtiest too is to exercise

  2. Ryan's mom said :

    Nothing. There are no magic pills that will help you tone up. Only eating properly for life and exercise will do that.

  3. trey98607 said :

    For starters, throw away that sugar, and get Spenda, it has absolutely no calories at all. Don’t rely on pills, get outside and get some exersice, it’s much better for your body than pills or suplements. Besides you might meet more friends that way.

  4. Layna na said :

    water pills

  5. smiler said :

    in all honesty i would advise that you didnt take anything and just ate a sensible diet plenty of water and regular exercise but if you are going to take a supplement of some sort you should try eph ephedrine it will do the trick

  6. pookiebyte said :

    Don’t do diet pills because once you stop using them you gain back the weight twice as fast and doubled. Exercise 1hour a day but work your way up to that hour don’t over do it. If you go any more then and hour of cardio then your just wasting your time if its a good hour.

  7. blobysquid said :

    Don’t take the pills, most of them are harmful to your body or have bad side affects, I recommend to stop drinking soda completely, walk whenever possible and don’t use elevators! Also I find it best to eat a balanced diet and drink a lot of water and fiber. For exercise walk or run as far as you can, then walk back after you feel tired, try to do this every day and increase your pace or distance and you will be healthy in no time!

  8. april j said :

    I would suggest the tride and true ‘slim fast’ program. In the program you are encouraged to eat full, healthy meals, sometimes substituted by with a slimfast shake/drink. they really fill you up and help to curb hunger. the shake is also chock full of vitamins so you won’t be lacking there. you can buy cans of it or the ready to go cans. for a healthy snack they offer their line of bars, wich are like granola/candy bars. you are also encouraged to eat fresh fruits for snacks. and don’t forget to get up and moving! there is no diet that will hold long term effects without the will to be active and exercise daily. i have known several people close to me, including myself that have had great success in weight management thru the slimfast system.

  9. newbirth35 said :

    Work out with weights and cardio and eat plenty of protein.

  10. Dr Frank said :


    I have in 4 months now seen and answered over 1000 questions by people who want to use some form of witchcraft to loose weight!

    Does nobody ever bother to read the old questions which show that you are the 100th or so person to ask the same question about about some useless diet product?

    Do you never think that if there actually was something that worked people would actually notice and the girth of the population of the Western world would stop expanding?

    Eat less, do more! How difficult is that to understand? We are exactly what we eat and we are even more what we don’t do. There is now overwhelming evidence that 2 in 3 dieters who use fad diet or pills end up HEAVIER than when they started dieting!

    Modestly reduce you calorie intake, 1,500 should be fine, If you drop below 1000 you will switch to starvation mode and it will be more difficult to loose weight.

    Get off the couch, do 30-40 minutes of vigorous exercise 4-5 days a week, combine the 2 and you will get sustained weight loss.


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