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What are the best dieting foods to eat during the course of a day?

I am currently dieting and it’s working, plus I am in the gym again. I am not fat just gettitng a little loose, I used to play soccer and do step aeorbics in high school, yet I am not happy about my current look. I know dieting foods, I just want to hear more strategies from various people.

Inform me.

The first answer is just from someone most people don’t want to hear from or like. Get a grid smarty!

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13 Responses to “What are the best dieting foods to eat during the course of a day?”

  1. Stinkbug B said :

    what is dieting foods? a diet is just what you eat. Do you mean foods that won’t make you gain weight? I guess leafy vegetables and carrots and celery

  2. TheRedPill said :

    carrots :X i just looove carrots, they’r sweet, healthy and have very little calories. if i could i’d eat only carrots, but i’m underweight so i can’t ;))

  3. Joslyn said :

    Snacking is the best way to go. Snack on nuts (not too many), veggies such as capsicum, carrots, broccoli. Boiled eggs are good. Beef jerky strips.

    Keep to the protein and the veggies

  4. Marathon Mom said :

    I try to eat proteins.. they give me energy and keep me full…

    That way at the end of the day.. I still have enough energy to go to the gym, yet I’m not bloated and too full to work out.

    Examples –
    Light cheese
    Ricotta cheese (fat free w/ splenda and a little bit of vanilla)
    Egg whites
    Tuna w/ balsamic vinegar

  5. Wooderson said :

    cottage cheese
    egg whites
    chicken breast
    any vegetables

  6. abbysangel said :

    In my personal experience eating 5-6 small meals every 2 to 3 hrs being sure to include protein in each meal works great. It keeps your metabolism at a steady burning rate and you never feel hungry. As far as what foods to eat its just common sense. Lots of fruits and veggies, lean proteins, whole wheat over white etc. And if you don’t have alot to lose exercise will defiantly benefit you the fastest. Like rotating cardio with strength training 3-4 days a week. Good luck to you and congrats on the ambition of getting healthy.

  7. GAY AMERICAN said :


  8. dsouthward16 said :

    Fruits and Veggies

    Your body uses more calories to burn these foods. Say an apple has 50 calories, your body use 75 calories to burn the apple. Its a win win situation, you are eating good food and burning excess calories at the same time.

    I eat pears, apricots, apples, pineapple, low-fat yogurt.

    I usually eat a pear 2 to 3 hours after i eat breakfast. Then about 2 hours after lunch I eat low-fat yogurt. I try to eat my veggies at dinner.

  9. krisnickeh said :

    Maybe it would help you if you didn’t look at things as “diet foods”. When you want to eat something (which you should do often, like every 2-3 hours), think to yourself – what benefit am I getting from this? So instead of thinking of things you CAN’T eat b/c you’re trying to firm up, try thinking of what you CAN eat to help you. What you do eat is much more important that what you don’t eat. And the little things do add up. For example – try a small handful of nuts, but remember to get them without salt. No need for that extra sodium. And drink TONS of water. I know it sounds very cliche, but once you get into a habit of really staying hydrated, you realize how much better you feel. Oh, and fresh, raw veggies are great. Just remember, the more natural a food is, and the less processed, the better it is for you. Good luck friend!

  10. nvblondie4now said :

    String cheese, cut up veggies like carrots and celery, beef jerky

  11. ashton said :

    Protein, milk, veggies, fruit, stay away from stuff fried

  12. Shannon York said :

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  13. ms.Janice M said :

    Hi lavenderqueen.
    I too struggle with my look I am not fat but need to keep my figure under lock I eat popcorn saltfree salted. apple and grapefruit, If I eat a piece of fruit before I eat a meal I find I get full quicker.. if I crave sweets I get red hots or twizzlers (all fat free food/ candy) my Idea to keeping fit is the dance on fit T.V called Shimmy it really is a workout and so much fun I have a friend that comes over and we practice (shimmy) together… so far one week = 2inch waistline loss


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