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What are the benefits of exercising besides losing weight?

I know if you excersize you will maintain a healthy weight and lose weight if need be. My question is what are the benefits of excersizing besides losing weight for not just the body but the mind and soul as well?

Thank you for all your answers. e4g

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11 Responses to “What are the benefits of exercising besides losing weight?”

  1. ~*AuBrEy~* said :

    it will make you healthier and you can gain muscle to make you stronger! It will give you self-confidence and it will make you feel better and more energized!

  2. Questionable said :

    well it speed up ur metabolism and gets u pumped to do gives u energy and i actually think it makes u happy for a…happens to me..

  3. Emma-is-superbadass said :

    gives you something to put your mind too, makes you feel good about yourself and stuff

  4. Ava Jade said :

    It gives you something that makes you happy..I forgot the word but it’s on Legally Blonde. It has also gives you a strong heart.

  5. indonev said :

    A lot of health benefits such as reducing risk of diabetes/high blood pressure/improve psychological well-being/reduces stress/depression/good for blood cholesterol/fights diseases, etc.

  6. rajb1037 said :

    Your heart specifically, and your muscles/body in general, will be much healthier. Which leads to a longer life. Also improves circulation, etc.

    As far as mind… exercising for prolonged periods (until you’re exhausted, basically) releases dopamine/norepinephrine (combined effect similar to amphetamines), a chemical in the brain that is almost identical to THC (active ingredient in marijuana), and endorphins (the body’s natural opium).

    The runner’s high is a literal one.

  7. more slack said :

    Exercise definitely increases “good” HDL cholesterol and thus reduces your long term risk of heart attack and stroke.

    My own experience is that you’ll feel like you have more energy during the day and you’ll sleep better at night.

  8. gmd said :

    You’ll be toned and healthy. Your heart and lungs will function well. Your circulation will be good. Your metabolism will work efficiently. Check out the web page below for health benefits…

  9. Hyderabad C said :

    A lot of people find that excercise helps with depression.

    Even if depression’s not an issue, it helps people deal with stress and maintain an even keel.

    Boosts confidence which is probably part of the reason. Also some exercises have physical effects similar to meditation – the runner’s high has been compared for example.

  10. Jan P said :

    Can make your knees very happy with you!


  11. bonsai bobby said :

    One of the most beneficial reasons to exercise,is that in heating your body to the point of sweating,releases stored acidic toxins,that are bound in fatty tissues…

    ((((Jan P.))))


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