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What are the benefits of dieting and exercising?

I mean, healthy diets. Not fad diets that never work. I need some sort of motivation. So, are there any other benefits to dieting and working out besides just losing weight? Any ideas?

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4 Responses to “What are the benefits of dieting and exercising?”

  1. ktb said :

    Losing weight and therefore changing your figure, giving you more self confidence.
    You’ll feel better, especially with drinking plenty of water you’ll feel a lot more active and awake.
    You’ll sleep better with regular exercise.
    A healthy diet and exercise also decreases your chance of developing things such as heart attacks and other health problems.
    There are just so many benefits of keeping healthy it’s really worth changing your lifestyle.

  2. katiebry1031 said :

    omg yes………

    i started a program two weeks ago and its the best thing ever. you need to get your mind involved esp if you really wanna lose the wt. not only do you lose wt but you also get more healthy,feel better, have way more energy, and reduce your risk of diabetes,high blood pressure, or cardiac issues. Its a good way just to be healthy overall. remember you are what you eat….and dont think of it as as diet think of it as something you are doing to chg your life forever and that you want to remain eating healthy not just for a short period of time…

  3. Britt D said :

    YES!!! o man, a balance diet and exercise reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gallstones, liver disease, pulmonary disorders, depression, and early death!

  4. wendy_da_goodlil_witch said :

    you feel better and can do more and do it better. you live longer and have better quality of life. you spend less on clothes (smaller sizes are cheaper) and less on food because you don’t eat so much. you can enjoy life so much better if you weight less and are healthier. plus feeling better about yourself and getting compliments on how good you look.


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