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what are the benefits for aqua areobics? can you actually tone up?

i dont need to loose weight but i need to get fit, can this help. if i am in a 45 minute class how much weight would i loose, or how quickly will i see signs of toning up? i am 24yrs old and weigh 50 kg. thanks
please do not sell your products in the form of an answer post this is a serious question

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5 Responses to “what are the benefits for aqua areobics? can you actually tone up?”

  1. syzygymk2 said :

    Huge increase in muscle mass

  2. Nana said :

    Water aerobics are great way to tone, loose, and have fun doing it.

    But if your not actually sweating, which you really do sweat even though in water, then your not preforming the exercises properly.

  3. bin k I think u r so nice said :

    I think u need to incease u weight not to loose usay u r 50 kilos

  4. JERRY R said :

    Great post! I totally understand how you feel. I’m also trying to lose weight and I found this great product which is working for me (it’s all 100% natural – a colon cleanse that was really gentle on my body. I feel so good and I lost 15 pounds). You can check the website at , I had a free trial and paid less than $5.00 shipping and handling. Best of luck!

  5. Katiya said :

    in middle school, i did aqua aerobics with my mom and sister and we all got really strong and trim, plus we had fun!

    it strengthens the muscles from all sides because there is resistance from every angle, not just gravitationally. plus it is gentle on one’s skeletal system, making it a great choice for people with joint injuries, people who are very heavy, and older people.

    the time it takes for you to get results you want had a lot to do with how much intensity you bring to your workout, what your level of fitness is now, and genetics, but this form of excersize is as good as any i’ve ever done, plus (and i’m the laziest person when it comes to formal excersize) it’s so enjoyable!


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