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What are the basics to the slimming world diet?

Can you tell me the basics to this diet? Green day Red day??

also if you have any tips or recipes of lovely unlimited foods 🙂

thanks alot 🙂

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2 Responses to “What are the basics to the slimming world diet?”

  1. Coco said:

    Slimming world is brilliant 🙂
    They have red and green days and the new extra easy plan too.
    Basically that means everything which is a free food on red and green is free together on the extra easy plan.
    The only difference is you have 1 healthy extra a choice and 1 healthy extra b choice instead of two of each.

    I often google for slimming world recipes too and lots comes up, also groups on facebook are brilliant for meal and recipe ideas, there are lots of photos on there.

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