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What are the actual names of running styles?

There are three different styles of running, run to the left, run to the right and straight down the middle. Its the way your foot goes. I know one is called pro nate but what are the others? can anyone help, I really need to know!

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2 Responses to “What are the actual names of running styles?”

  1. Ms Li said :

    This link has a lot about running hopes this helps:

  2. KC said :

    The others are supination (when you roll the bottom of your foot toward the inside or so the bottom is facing your other leg) Pronation is when you roll the bottom toward the outside and then there is just a neutral stance of the foot when it is neither pronating or supinating. It is very rare to have a neutral stance when you run. I am pretty sure that everyone either pronates or supinates.


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