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What are some ways to break a dieting plateau?

I am failry muscular but also put on weight quickly. I have a history of working out, eating a lot, and dieting to get back down to decent weight. I have a normal 20 pound range through the year and whenever I get near the top, I get more serious about cutting back and can get back down.

My problem is that I can never get beyond my lowpoint no matter how hard I try.

What can I do to break through this plateau?

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2 Responses to “What are some ways to break a dieting plateau?”

  1. Loving Life said :

    take 1 day and eat whatever you want.

    It’ll shock your body and might just break your plateau

  2. workoutfan said :

    Weight loss plateaus are a very common and well known phenomenon. If you can make it through a plateau it is a great tribute to your determination and your only chance of achieving diet success.

    With a few simple tips you can overcome the hurdle and get back on track to losing those unwanted pounds.

    Here are a few tips to keep your motivation to lose weight going while riding out the plateau. These should ultimately lead you to your diet success.

    1. Be ready and prepare your mind for a weight plateau. Realize it is going to happen and that almost everyone goes through it.

    2. Make sure you are not cheating on your diet regime, not even a little bit.

    3. If you have been good it might be time to tweak your routine. Start lifting weights, take longer walks or maybe try to cut out that glass of wine before dinner.

    4. Speeding up your metabolism can help to burn more calories and get you off that plateau. Increasing your exercise is the most obvious way to do that or try eating a little extra protein to rev it up a bit.

    5. High-fiber carbohydrates balance serotonin levels in the brain. Eating an extra serving every two days of these high-fiber foods while you’re on a plateau may help you break through.

    6. Keep in mind your main motivation to lose weight. Turn to family and friends for support in this slump. If need be reach out to a virtual community for help.

    Try several different things and remember you will get over the weight loss plateau. Sometimes the body just needs some time to adapt to change. Your plateau may stay around for weeks or even months. And sometimes your body may have lost as much as it is going to.

    There is a difference in being your ideal weight and being a healthy weight. As long as you’re at the latter, there’s no need to stress about the former. And being able to say I am healthier now and to accept yourself as you are, is what really counts.

    Whatever the case, your weight loss plateau can be a good time to reflect on your goals for losing weight in the first place. If you have achieved another important objective such as lowering your blood pressure or getting your blood sugar levels in check then you have won.


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