What are some tricks to losing belly fat?

Im not fat but i do have a little belly fat. Ive tried several things but not really any results. Are there any easy tricks or is there a drink or something along those lines?

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  1. ♥♫ Never Too Late ♫♥ said:

    Im trying to evade that issue, and im seeing results already (:
    I do 200 crunches in different positions
    Lower ab work out
    A minute plank
    And 200 jumping jacks or a mile depending on the day.
    This toned my belly so it doesn’t look like a ‘buddah belly’ lol

  2. Nanah said:

    It’s possible you could be bloated in some way.
    Eat plenty of potassium-rich foods such as bananas and nuts; They’ll wash away excess water. Stay away from salt.

    Just drink lots of water and try doing sit ups and crunches.

  3. Little Princess said:

    Eat healthy and do some sit ups at home or the cobra pose. Also try jiggling it about so it can get some movement, such as jogging will help or walking.
    Sorry, i dont have much advice im not very good at giving advice

  4. Vod said:

    I’ve listened to a lot of misinformation out there about burning body fat. However, I came across a site that pointed me in the right direction and now I’m starting to show serious results. It showed me what I was doing wrong and gave me workout and diet tips:
    Good luck in your endeavors!


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