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What are some inexpensive ways to eat healthy?

This sounds silly, but here’s the information: I buy a lot of health foods and try as best I can to make healthy choices when I purchase my groceries. I have a friend who made a comment to me, “Once you have a family to feed, you won’t be able to spend the money on the healthy things” as a justification for purchasing seemingly unhealthy meal options. Now I refuse to believe that’s the case…What are ways you’ve purchased healthy foods for your family? What type of budget are you on (if that’s not too personal)? How many people do you feed on that budget? And what types of foods do you purchase?

Sorry for the length and request for such specifics, thanks!

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3 Responses to “What are some inexpensive ways to eat healthy?”

  1. Jordan A said :

    just buy a whole ton of fruit and veggies… you dont have to eat out to be healthey… duh 😛

  2. LJAY2000 said :

    I think your friend is full of it. Whole foods are less expensive than pre-packaged convenience foods.
    My food budget is not really an issue for me, but if you spend $2.00 a piece for frozen dinners (on sale) for a family of 4, that’s $8.00. I could make a great dinner out of whole foods for 4 people for $8.00. You do need to cook though.

  3. Jeremey O said :

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