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What are some ideas for different meals of the day that will help me lose some serious fat?

Iclude anything extra like tips or anthing that will help me lose weight.

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5 Responses to “What are some ideas for different meals of the day that will help me lose some serious fat?”

  1. ekinevel said :

    For breakfast, you should have oatmeal and prunes or raisins. The fiber will help you lose weight and the oatmeal is made up of complex carbs that will give you energy but still break down easily.

    And for dinner, just make sure you finish the entire meal within one hour and ALWAYS have a salad beforehand. In addition, drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water a day over your usual intake will help you drop a few extra pounds.

  2. Cornsilk P said :

    Oatmeal or raisin bran for breakfast. A salad for lunch. Or I like tuna on melba toast. Chicken and vegetable for dinner.

  3. WENDY C said :

    Have plenty of protien, fruits, veggies, limit salt and sugar intake. 64 oz of water per day. Good luck. I am on the LA Weight Loss Plan and I love it!

  4. Luv Zoeygirl said :

    I’ve never been overweight but I tend to play with 10 pounds a lot. I think it depends a lot in how much or how little I exercise. This damn computer’s fault.

    When I want to lose weight, I make sure to drink lots of water as the body needs to flush those impurities..I eat fresh fruit, fresh vegetables …very little meat but when I have’s lean….very little bread and only whole grain.

    An example for me would be …Breakfast..1 boiled egg…1 orange…1 slice crispy whole wheat toast (plain)
    Lunch….a big salad with lettuce…onions..mushrooms…green pepper…celery…tomatoes…cucumber..broccoli..cauliflower and no more than 2 T salad dressing…..and a glass of milk (2%)…banana or apple or other fruit.
    Dinner…about 2 oz of chicken cut and browned with spices in teflon pan…about 1/2 cup rice with soya sauce…..Big portion of vegetables such as green and yellow beans….sliced tomatoes…diet /sugar free jello

    Anddddddddd a good brisk walk or bike ride…good luck:)

  5. messenger said :

    If you like fruits and vegetable you can’t go wrong. Whole grain cereals like oatmeal sweetened w/ apple or pineapple juice conc. is delicious. Whole grain toast w/ 1T peanut butter and warm apple sauce. Whole grain waffles or pancakes w/ apple or grape juice syrup made w./ apple or grape juice conc. thickened w/ cornstarch. Drink 8-8oz. glasses of water in between meals. Do not drink w/ meals as it interferes w/ digestion. Eat a large salad for lunch,and eat a light supper. Eat 4 hrs. before going to bed so your digestive organs can rest and you will feel better in the morning. Always eat a good breakfast as that sets your metabolism for the day. I have more info if you want it. Best Wishes!


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