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What are some healthy workouts that i can do in my home as a teen?

I am a 13 year old girl and i am looking for healthy workouts that i can do in my home without using any special equipment. I am already athletic but i would like to maintain a healthy and muscular body that focuses in on the core, bicep and tricep, and thigh muscles along with some calf muscles. I really need answers.

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16 Responses to “What are some healthy workouts that i can do in my home as a teen?”

  1. Euro Ninja said :

    buy a workout dvd. There are lots of fun ones to choose from. Just look on amazon.

  2. Dante Nothing said :

    if you have a garage you can jump rope, get some weighted ropes that have 2-3 pound weights on the handles, it’ll work out almost everything

    hope this helps

  3. SKC said :

    Get some dumb bells and do curls and tricept curls. Push ups and squats with weights would be good too.

  4. CutieAPPLEpie said :

    If you type that into google or youtube you should find some results

  5. Terence L said :

    Squats, crunches, push ups, pull ups, sit ups….those are good muscular excercises. You could always get an aerobics dvd or something like that for cardio.

  6. angel.homicide said :

    use a step. step up with left, step up with right, step down with left, step down with right. use a tin of beans as weights if you wish.

  7. Tyler D said :

    You can do three easy things push ups, sit ups, or squats. if you have dumb bells use them!

  8. -=Loveis=- said :

    There are lots of sites out there that will help you find what works for you. Try to make it fun so that you keep it up.

    Below is a link that might give you some idea’s

  9. Celsius said :

    Vacuum cleaning, dusting, making beds , cleaning windows and always finish up with 6 sets of 30 sit ups.

  10. Leana said :

    Hi! The best at home workout is a jumprope. After about thirty seconds your heart is pounding! Do it on your tippy toes for added calf muscles definition. As far as toning other muscles buy a medicine ball and dumbbells. You should be fine! 🙂

  11. quantumrift said :

    If you have access to a video game console, there are several options:

    Any DANCE DANCE revolution thing, or dancing with the stars, or if you have a Wii, you can get the new Wii exercise ‘game’. These will all give you cardio workouts.

    Otherwise, you will need other equipment. Get a stand that you can do pullups with etc and hang from with gravity boots and then do crunches…etc…be creative.

  12. cassie_wiitard said :

    if you have cable i recommend fit tv. they have such a wide variety of different programs. yoga, pilates, hard core workouts, whatever you want. they have a program called shimmy and it basically teaches you basic moves in belly dances around the world and its a good workout, you wouldn’t think so but try it and it is! as far as not using special equipment, there are so many great workouts that use a stability ball, or light weights, i got a stability ball for myself at walmart for maybe 15 dollars. its probably the best investment i’ve made, i use it more than any other expensive equipment we have! and i also got some weights that are only 2 pounds, its a set of two and they are sand filled rubber ball type things, cheap, but very effective for the type of thing you are looking for! you are already athletic so you are basically only going to need some strenghtening excercises for toning and such. good luck!

  13. Mr GooglyMoogly said :

    You can do pushups, tricep dips on a chair, chin ups if you have something to hang from, if you are really strong push ups with your feet up on the wall to work your shoulders. You can do lunges and squats with something heavy in your hands to work your upper legs. You can also do what is known as a pistol, basically a one legged squat, to work your quads. You can do one legged calf raises. Then you can do different ab circuits such as bicycles, russian twist, pushup holds and crunches.Those would give you a fairly good full body workout without weights.

  14. Alexis S said :

    Yay for workouts.
    Pushups, squats, crunches, etc.

  15. Mat Cauthon said :

    jumping jacks

  16. sparxgaming said :

    Haha you are lucky, I just finished training for lacrosse with this ex-marine, and the parts of the body you are focusing on are basically all we did.

    Great core muscles are fairly easy to get, if you know what to do, here are some great core workouts…

    1) Flutter Kicks

    2) Sit-ups (Duh)

    3) Crunches

    4) Rock Back Russians

    5) The Bridge

    Biceps and triceps are a little harder, but with time, are fairly easy.

    1) Push Ups

    2) Inverted Push Ups

    3) Pull Backs

    Thigh and Calves:
    Really running is all you need to get these in shape, but here are some exercises…

    1) Wall Sits

    2) Weighted Toe Stands

    Note: You need weights (or anything heavy) to get calves in shape (Toe Stands). Your best bet would be to run or bike everyday for a certain distance, depending on your endurance.

    Well that just about covers it. Remember to stick to a routine, and to let your muscles rest. A routine that works for me is working out really hard Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and letting my body rest Tuesdays, Thursdays, and the weekend. Diet is also very important, try to eat more protein , or supplement your diet with protein shakes, or bars. Try to stay away from caffeine, as that has a tendency to cause a loss in muscle growth.

    Email me if you have any questions on how to do an exercise

    Good Luck!
    Its hard, but in the end, its always worth it! 😀


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