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What are some healthy ways to add a few inches to your height?

Other than stretching, without growth hormones etc…

I don’t believe in genetics aka (short parents you be short too! bahahaa) As I’ve seen short parents with taller son’s daughter’s.

Read this, most people who believe that height can only be traced from genetics are true but not from mother and father only as each dna have traces of ancestors dating back from great great great grandparents and you can trigger that to result your height!

Anyway, are there other ways for a healthy height training?

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3 Responses to “What are some healthy ways to add a few inches to your height?”

  1. John Craig said :


    Put on your running shoes and hit the running track! Start sprinting down the straight like a champion. Your body will use up a lot of energy very fast. Your system will compensate by secreting more human growth hormone. This will make your legs grow longer. And with elongated legs, you’ll naturally be a taller person!


    Don’t like to run? Then try swimming instead. Make sure you complete a minimum of ten laps when you’re in the water. Tire yourself out. Your body will start pumping adrenalin which also relieves the stress that prevents you from growing. The more swimming sessions you undergo, the more your backbone will stretch. This will create spaces between the bones which then have to grow naturally.

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