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What are some health problems related to losing weight too fast?

I always hear that it’s dangerous to do this but I’ve never heard any reasons why. I know that if you are thin to begin with and you lose weight, you can become anorexic (and obviously that’s unhealthy). But how about for someone like me, who weighs over 200 pounds and NEEDS to lose a lot of weight? How is it unhealthy for me to lose weight fast?

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2 Responses to “What are some health problems related to losing weight too fast?”

  1. luv.not_war said :

    As long as your not starving yourself I wouldn’t see it as unhealthy, I recently started losing weight and I found that the weight came off much faster at the beginning whereas now I have to try harder and push myself more and more (during workouts) to lose weight. Another thing about losing weight fast is your more likely to gain it back fast, not to mention that you probably want to lose fat and not muscle. I think by focusing on losing 1-2 lbs a week your more likely to go into it gradually and make a lifestyle change so you stay with it and when you reach your weight loss goal you can keep it off.

  2. Bill Oliver said :


    You CAN lose weight much more quickly AND healthily when you are already very heavy, but it’s probably not going to be as fast as any commercial pitching some scam supplement will have you believe. What you’ve got to understand before going into your diet is that it probably took years of poor decisions and lifestyle choices (eating badly and not exercising) to gain all the weight, and reaching a healthy weight or a look that you’re happy with is going to take serious time, effort, and permanent changes.

    The best way to start making quick, noticeable changes in your weight and appearance that you can ACTUALLY MAINTAIN is to whittle away the bad things in your diet. This should start with sugar, fried foods, sodas, and other things that are obviously bad for you. Then, stop eating packaged foods, things that contain flour, and basically anything that comes in a box. These are foods which many people think are “healthy” but are generally horrible when it comes to losing body fat. Don’t bother with any pre-packaged and processed “diet” foods, as they are all full of sugar and other unhealthy additives that will stop your fat loss.

    Once you have eliminated the bad things from your diet (this can take months or it can take weeks, depending on your dedication), you need to start adding in the good things. You might also want to do this at the same time as you take out the bad – you’ve got to have something to eat! Focus on eating mainly fresh produce, lean protein (animal sources), and some healthy fats like olive oil and nuts. You can eat whole grains, as well, but you’d be best keeping even those to a minimum. You shouldn’t go on a super-high-fat Atkins kind of diet, but carbs are generally not your friend when you’ve got a lot of fat to lose. Vegetables and some fruits should be your main sources of carbohydrates.

    Exercise is also key. Start getting up earlier and taking a 30-45 minute walk every morning. If you are diligent, this WILL make a big difference. Also, start lifting weights very hard. No, you won’t get “bulky” – lifting weights can only help you build muscle tissue, it cannot make you look fatter. Ignore the fitness industry bull about “getting bulky” and “toning.”

    Overall, avoid ANY temptations to starve yourself, go on crash diets, do endless hours of cardio, or buy into some fad diet or supplement. These things never work out for people, and even if they produce minimal results, people generally yo-yo right back up to where they started.

    If you simply start putting these healthy eating and exercise tips into practice TODAY, you will start noticing results immediately. More importantly, the fat you lose will STAY off because you’ll be teaching yourself how to maintain a healthier lifestyle than the one that caused you to gain fat.


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