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What are some great low carb foods for me to eat?

I’m tryin to stick to a low carb high protein diet, i just wanted some suggestions on great low carb foods. I want to be able to know lots of them so i don’t have to eat the same thing everyday

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4 Responses to “What are some great low carb foods for me to eat?”

  1. fatsausage said :

    Lamb Shank
    Planked Salmon
    Planked Halibut
    Lamb Chops
    Indonesian Rack of Lamb
    Lobster Neuburg
    Beef Burgundy
    Irish Stew

  2. AG said :

    Cheese (but there is fat in it)
    Vegetables (except carrots cabbage potatoes and co)
    Meat: above all chicken breast (not fried in oil) beef
    Fish (not fried too)
    Shrimp, Prawn, crab, lobster, mussels (no oysters)
    Omelet with Parmesan (with two egg yolk for one yellow)

  3. Honey W said :

    I did this diet and it worked great at first, but I don’t really recommend it at all, because you can’t eat like it forever and as soon as you do have carbs, you put the pounds on far quicker than you take them off. It really mucks up your metabolism.

    FACT: Dr Atkins was 18 stones (252pounds) when he died!

  4. njss said :

    mushrooms are good just don’t add butter or margarine salads OK vegetables good fruit good but you have to stay away from additives oils fats sugars dried fruit good but you have to count as they have a lot high sugar content when the fruit becomes concentrated by drying ;Onions good fry in non stick pan with very little sprayed on oil (you have to have a little oil for health reasons) I had lots of vegetables different types chopped up and cooked in chicken soup made from cubes curry was good to give flavour or a hot chilli chopped up very fine and even though I had 2 large platefuls I did lose weight about 1/2 to 1 kg a week is healthy. You only weigh once a week to check that you are on the right track. So far this year I have only lost 2 kg but this is only the second month so I need to be patient. I wish you well just remember that you will become healthier and fitter good to remember when you get depressed and when things aren’t happening fast enough


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