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what are some good ways to get fit for track?

In track we are just finishing our evaluations.
And actually practice start this week.
Also we have a meet in the next week.
What I want to know is some good ways to
stay fit while practicing.
In terms of diet and exercise.

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6 Responses to “what are some good ways to get fit for track?”

  1. caro said :

    the most excersize you should be doing is what you’re doing during practice as far as cardio.
    if you’re throwing: run hills every couple days and a mile every week, ask your coach for a good weight lifting plan. over the weekends you should be doing cardio such as going for a short 1 mile jog and things like lunges and squats
    sprinting: run hills 10 forward, 10 backward (find the steepest hill with medium length) if you aren’t doing them in practice. over the weekend go for a short run about 1 or 2 miles.
    distance: ONLY run what you are in practice over the
    weekend you should be doing about 3 or 4 miles on saturday and rest sunday unless you want to, only run 1 or 2 miles

    usually sprinters and distance do not weight lift since the main focus is running, but you should be doing weight lifting to improve your overall strength so you can move faster beacuse of your strength.
    for field events focus on box jumps and weight lifting. for weight lifting you can get a workout from the throwing coach or the regular coach.

    your diet should consist of lots of protein and the good carbs – eat things like pita bread and beans. you can mainly eat whatever you wish but stay away from refined sugars and caffeine, high fructose corn syrup etc. etc.

    ps. if you start to get ANY shin splints or knee pain, ice ice ice and don’t ignore it, i ignored shin splints last year and it turned into a whole ordeal of things going on with my legs… go to the athletic trainer if anything bothers you that hadn’t in the past

  2. abicrombie_girl94 said :

    I am so glad you are asking this question!!!
    1. Stretch
    2. Run a lap; jog a lap; run tw laps; jog a lap…Etc…
    4. Run a 100m. sprint
    5. Stretch again.

    1. Eat meat, and beans and other food chalk full of protein!!!
    2. Fruit and vegetables
    3. The food pyramid!!!

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