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What are some good ideas for a healthy lunch I can cook at home in bulk?

I want to get back on track and start eating healthy again. I make all of my food at home since it’s cheaper. I’ve kinda ran out of ideas of things to make. I’m sick of sandwiches and prefer food I can heat up, that would also go far. I’m not cutting carbs, just calories and fat. Any ideas?

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5 Responses to “What are some good ideas for a healthy lunch I can cook at home in bulk?”

  1. Jake ya trick ya said :

    bolognese is a good one, though not really a lunch but for dinner/tea.

    you can make it in bulk, and what you dont use you can freeze and use another time.

    its also easy to make and healthy, as you can have it with salad, or have mushrooms/peppers in it to vary flavours.

    eg. bolognese with mushrooms, red peppers and bits of onion on wholemeal pasta, with salad on the side is a great meal. It also contains meat, veg and fibre = very good mix

    best of all, it is quite simple to make, and doesnt break the bank

  2. HeatherWillow said :

    You can make sweet potato burritos in bulk and freeze them individually to heat up later.

  3. FUNKY MUNKY 100% said :

    Pasta, I make lots of it with tomatoes, tuna, ham and loads of veg and peppers. And it’s good to put in containers and freeze. You can even eat it cold.

  4. Lashonda S said :

    A good one I have made is, get wheat buns, in a bowl mix tuna, low fat mayo, shredded cheese and green pepper pieces. Put the mixture on the buns, wrap in tinfoil and they stay good in the freezer for a long time, just take some out, put in oven on 300 for 30min or until melted. Enjoy! YOu can also use canned chicken if you dont like tuna.

  5. Liz H said :

    sounds wierd but I love this

    Iight italian dressing
    cooked pieces of chicken breast
    diced apples
    crushed/ diced nuts

    mix it all together. it is delicious, and healthy
    Pita bread to go with this would be great.

    Also, just a granola or a homemade trail mix is very healthy.


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