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What are some effective and easy weightloss tips?

Ok my friends and i want to lose weight, or look skinnier. We need some really good and effective tips. We exercise alot so basically just eating tips. Also we would appriciate if they weren’t to extremes for example anorexic or dont eat at all. Please give some tips, some good food suggestions, recipe suggestions, some foods to aviod,good tasting and healthy things to eat, and stuff along that line. THANKS

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6 Responses to “What are some effective and easy weightloss tips?”

  1. James said :

    Stay away from sugar def. Also dont drink your calories, drink water. Two easy yet very effective tips.

  2. Martha said :

    you have to try this unbelievable new program….it helped me so much…all I did was watch this video and speak with someone who explained everything to me…. It was simply amazing and I lost 50 pounds in 2 months!

  3. Aqua said :

    Meal replacement shakes (less calories and more filling)
    Drink 8 cups of water a day
    take time to drink water WHILE eating your meals, this fills you up faster
    Drink green tea to boost your metabolism (like 2 cups a day)
    keep an exercise and calorie intake booklet (this may keep you motivated)
    Make yummy dishes with vegetables! Green is Good.

    Broccoli, tomato, onion: saute these like a stir fry till their brownish (use olive oil)
    make a big bowl of it and it will fill you up! add hot sauce to boost your metabolism and clean out your system
    eat lots of fish! lots of protein and little fat

    hope this helped. :]
    when eating meat, only eat the size of your fist

  4. Sailors said :

    Sure. The first thing to keep in mind is to Enjoy shedding weight. When you enjoy it, you can be MOST effective. Enjoy YOU!!! Now, second remember this “Master Three.” Portion size, what you eat, and when you eat. You need a multiple vitamin. Don’t over do it. Third you want to think about what your body has to have. But, first keep this in mind, try to limit any food that has high content of sugar. The body has to have protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates should be used sparingly. Get Omega Plus balanced 3, 6, 9 oil for your essential fatty acids. This will help your craving for sugar to be almost OBSOLETE! Organic Skim milk is great for your protein. It has no fat but 8 g per serving. Plus it has calcium and needed vitamin D and other nutrients. Use Cocoa with no sugar. It flavors the skim milk and gives you fiber to make you feel more full. Plus you get other benefits of Cocoa. Consume Organic Salsa. Great nutrients but low caloric in take. Be careful working out to much. It makes you more hungry. Speeds up everything. You have to consume more otherwise you may become deficient in nutrition. It’s a skill to shed weight. There are recipe’s and so much more in the source. I have just given the tip of the tip of the iceberg so to speak…

  5. Mini Yasmin said :

    i am actually on a diet plan which is from Dr. Nutrition center and it really works i lose at least 2 kg a week and if i cheat then 1 kg .what u have to do early morning chew a garlic but small capsule size only and drink a glass of water (u can chew a gum to avoid the smell) t controls ur cholesterol the take ur breakfast an hour later it should contain boiled egg and coffee or tea 1 slice brown bread or u can replace it with cheese , snack time only 1 apple lunch time is the best have a grilled chicken breast 1 pc only and salad or soup do add celery in ur soup it is best for weight loss then evening a cup of tea or coffee and at night have a small yogurt with a steak of chicken and salad u will enjoy it the plan..

  6. MACGYVER said :

    The key is to eat in moderation and to exercise when you can. Every little bit helps.
    Also, avoid 2nd helpings and avoid snacking between meals. This alone can help tremendously.
    Good luck!


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