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What are good healthy ways to get more energy and stamina?

I am almost 41 and I tire easily and I take a lot of naps and I was wondering what are good healthy ways to get more stamina and energy? What foods are good energy boosters as well?

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2 Responses to “What are good healthy ways to get more energy and stamina?”

  1. Meg said :

    That website gives a list of foods high in energy. If you want more variation, you should Google it.

  2. full gospel shirley said :

    Exercise, if you can, helps.
    Sleeping enough helps.
    Lack of stress in your life helps.
    Eating well and taking liquid vitamins is a huge help.
    Be sure you take liquid magnesium and a few other minerals and herbs that will help you.
    I started to take magnesium and have seen a huge diff. I also take now a liquid vitamin from the health food store, that has the vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc and some anti aging things. IT is life changing. Source of Life is what that one is called, and I get the one in the red bottle, for the anti aging. I also take a few other things, beside enuff D and the liquid magnesium.
    Then, walk with God, pray , and expect you will feel better, and you will.
    This began to happen to me as well and I was very concerned. But dont just ask a person working in the health food store, I learned the hard way, Some just work there and know nothing. Be sure you ask the owner, or manager, whoever is the dietician or herbologist there. They can show you things on the web as well and have print out sheets for many things. Most are very helpful.
    If you can, and I cant, do to stomach and bowl issues, eating only raw foods is he best way to go, but for many of us, its too hard to digest raw foods. If one can eat them, its the best way to go.

    Full Gospel Shirley


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