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What are all the health benefits of drinking lots of bottled water?

What I mean is, say, drinking 64 ounces of water per day.

What are all the health benefits?

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16 Responses to “What are all the health benefits of drinking lots of bottled water?”

  1. AwwwWW said :

    Going to the bathroom frequently,and abundantly

  2. joejoe said :

    yeah i agree u would have to be in the bath room all day that would suck

  3. Older&Wiser said :

    Supposed to flush out toxins and improve your skin. Helps metabolic rate be quick enough.

  4. silentjealousy77 said :

    better skin, blood pressure control, removal of toxins from the body.

  5. micko said :

    You look pretty cool and have too much money,

  6. wherbie_2001 said :

    they are finding out the drink 8 glasses of water a day people…are nuts…2 should be fine…

    bottled water isnt any different than tap…except it has no flourine in it….and only avion and perrier scored better than tap..


  7. stephengnb said :

    Well, instead of nasty yellow (green) pee, you have nice clear pee. Hydrating your body is good.

    If you drink a lot of bottled water however, you should use fluoride to prevent decay since it isn’t in your water. Usually, city was has added fluoride to help slow the process of decay.

  8. Blazin'22 said :

    You avoid chlorine (which is carcinogenic- cancer causing)

    Best of all you increase your metabolism by burning an extra 600- 1000 calories! with the more water you drink in a day

  9. Super Freak said :

    it depends on your activity level, weight, etc….just drink when you are thirsty, and you should be ok….dont drink excessive amounts, because it can be very dangerous.

    and, as far a bottled water … your money, because its the same a tap water.

  10. elf said :

    Water helps you not retain water, and is good in weight loss. It helps purify the body. But too much of it’s harmful. I’d drink the 64 oz a day and maybe add a v8 for your veggies.

  11. T.C said :

    No Sugar, No Calories, No Trans. Fat, No Fat less chance of getting high blood pressure less chance of having a heart attack less chance of getting build up in your arteries and no fat so yeah.

  12. OSAMA said :

    How does the camel manage to cross great deserts with no water. Why won’t the wet bird refuse to fly at night. You question are only known by Allah, not something for us to concern ourselves with. We are humans not gods. You will live longer with less water each day. People die in the extreme, either too much or too little. Just be natural. Let go and let God.

  13. ♥pinky♥ said :

    It’s not good for your teeth. We all need flouride. So make sure not to drink just pure bottled water. contact the water department in your area to find out if they are adding flouride to your drinking water. I think there are also available in a tablet form. good luck.

  14. THREE_X_A_LADY said :

    For one, it makes your skin more hydrated and your complexion clearer. Also, it flushes out your kidneys which is very important (most people who get painful kidney stones don’t drink a lot of water). And if you drink tap water you have the benefit of getting flouride for your teeth, since many cities add this to their water supply! I’m sure this is just a few of the benefits, but I hope these help.

  15. hushnowjustplayit said :

    As you perhaps seen on the news in the past couple of days, even drinking water can be done to excess to the detriment of you health or in that woman’s case – death.

    It has been proven that bottled water is no more pure than tap water.

  16. Hurrican Tracker said :

    You’ll probably be spending more time in the bathroom peeing


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