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What are 5 reasons for being or wanting to be slimmer (thats if you want to be slimmer!)?

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14 Responses to “What are 5 reasons for being or wanting to be slimmer (thats if you want to be slimmer!)?”

  1. lady attitude said :

    so u can look good in ur clothes, look hot n sexy, attract loads of people, and to have a good body.

  2. Laura W said :

    there isn’t 5 reasons, theres one!
    well for me!
    CUS IT L00KS B3TT3R!

  3. tam said :

    So that i no longer have to ask for size 14 jeans when everyone else is wearing the same ones in an 8 and i look like the fat heffer trying to hard.

    To be healthy and not feel like im going to die a painful death at the top of the stairs after walking up them lol

    To be able to sit on the toilet and not feel my thighs exceeding the surface area.

    Not to have rolls…

    To wear skimpy summer clothes and not have to wear extra due to weight.

  4. NM said :

    My own personal reasons?

    1) To help control my diabetes.
    2) To help control my PCOS.
    3) To get rid of the belly fat that prevents most clothing from fitting me correctly.
    4) To gain some self-confidence.
    5) To just feel good in general.

  5. Bonna M said :

    thin is in..
    thin is the new fat???

  6. Fiona R said :

    1. I look better when I’m slimmer
    2. Being slim increases my confidence
    3. I want to fit in to ALL the clothes I own
    4. The thought of being a big, fat cow is horrific
    5. I have small boobs so when I’m skinny I look more in proportion

  7. summeR said :

    to look good
    to have higher self-esteem
    to attract the opposite sex(haha)
    to become healthier..cos obesity is always the reasons for diseases
    can buy cheap clothes..cos the cheap ones during sales are all small

  8. Black lashes said :

    to live longer
    to be atractive
    not to have to go to plus size stores
    to have more energy
    to have high self esteem

  9. Mrs_M_2010 said :

    for me

    1) more energy
    2) more alert
    3) looks better
    4) feels better
    5) is much much healthier

    its just better in so many ways, you feel better look better act better think better and just work better

  10. jen w said :

    1. I feel great inside, I am physically strong and well
    2. when I was overweight, I felt lazy, not anymore
    3. I look great
    4. I love being able to try on so many clothes, big women clothes are very limited and dont look so great
    5. I know this is so superficial, but ppl just look at you different, I like getting the once over again or double take.

  11. Wally Z said :

    Diabetes control
    Not hearing a beeping sound when I back up
    Having to buy two tickets at the movies
    Contributing to global warming
    I want to be thin and have a fat guy inside screaming to get out for a change.

  12. Jessica S said :

    Feel more confident/comfortable with myself
    It looks nicer
    Clothes look better
    Other people think you look good
    Its not socially acceptable these days to be overweight.

  13. fairy said :

    because i used to be perfect weight, then over a year gained a stone and now its stuck there! everythings really splodgy, rounded arms, rounded hips, rounded ass, rounded shoulders, everything just gone very flipping round and spongy!! i don’t like being a balloon!!

    none of my clothes look right at this weight!!

    i have less confidence that i did before,
    i feel sluggish and tired more than before
    my skin has more breakouts now
    it seems like it takes twice as long to apply body lotion!

    basically i wish a could just punch the fat offf!!!!! that just hurts though! lol

  14. Theo Sarafian said :

    Do you guys have a facebook fan webpage? I searched for one on facebook or myspace but couldnt find one, Id love to become a fan!


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