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What affordable health insurance is the best for me?

I will be divorced in 2 months and will have to find my own health insurance. I have been with Anthem for 14 years and have no health problems and no medications except 1 blood pressure pill a day. I am waiting for a quote from Anthem for a single policy but I am afraid it will not be affordable. Thanks for all the help I can get!

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2 Responses to “What affordable health insurance is the best for me?”

  1. Joe said :

    Try this site

    Here you can compare quotes from different companies

  2. Dreamwrthy said :

    I’m afraid the fact that you are suffering from hypertension means that any insurance carrier would either decline you or charge you a higher rate. One thing you should look into is COBRA. If you are on your spouse’s employer-sponsored plan, a divorce (not a separation) is considered a COBRA qualifying event. Once you’re “kicked” off the plan, AFTER the divorce decree is final, your spouse’s benefits administrator or insurance plan should send you a COBRA notification. Coverage can last for up to 36 months. It’s not cheap, but the idea of cheap, good health insurance is a myth, I’m afraid. Either you pay at the doctor’s office (higher copays and coinsurance), or you pay a higher monthly premium.


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