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Weird question but how can i make my top arms slimmer?

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4 Responses to “Weird question but how can i make my top arms slimmer?”

  1. Anne-Marie W said :


  2. guesswho? said :

    you should have something lyk a LARGE size evian bottle or something to hold as a replacement for weights, and hold one up as if your raising your hand in school. and put your hand up and down 15x and 3 sets… so technically 45 times sepreated into 3 sessions of workout lol

  3. [email protected] said :

    We performed these circle exercises in class where you hold your arms out in the air in front as though you were washing a window. You do this on one arm at a time going frontwards then backwards about 20 on each arm. Do this slowly at first or you will get spasams in your shoulders and neck.
    You can also stand with your arms hanging to the ground and with your hands in a fist turning counter clockwise and back with quick movements making your upper arms twist and move about.
    Also, when you walk, move your arms swiftly like a soldier marching.
    The upper arms do not get moved about very much and many of us who do not do much lifting, like weights or with our work, tend to gain a lot of fat in that area.
    I know you know this but watch your portion sizes (eat half of what you normally do) and eat a lot of lean meat and green leafy vegetables leaving off red meat and choosing chicken or fish for a while. Need a snack ? Ranch dressing and carrots are wonderful!! You will be amazed how fast it will drop off……j5barb

  4. animal said :

    Focus on overall fat loss via diet control.

    Go checkout post your question in the beginners cage and you will get tons of relative info and support.


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