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Weight lost FAST! non healthy or healthy!?

I dont care to hear about how non healthy it is to do certain things. What are some no healthy things you have done to lose weight FAST! and how much did you lose in what amount of time. Don’t lie.

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3 Responses to “Weight lost FAST! non healthy or healthy!?”

  1. ii need my email!!=[ said :

    and go to this website, its for tens who want to get healthy and lose weight=]

  2. Jason G said :

    Ok, This is no Joke !! Heather Hansen of the biggest looser show used this product for her diet on the show, It is very new. It is a hyrdogel bulking agent.

    check it out, it is working for me, dropped 11 pounds in a week, brand new product. Must see.

    good luck with weight loss journey!!

  3. sugar_rush_x3 said :

    ^ Ayh, just so you know the guy above me copys and pastes that answer to everyonee, so dont listen to him.

    Anyways, Im going on the 2468 diet. What you do is eat 200 calories one day, 400 the next, 600 the next, 800 the next and then repeat the cycle. I heard that with exersize you can lose 5-7lbs a cycle.

    Good Luck :]

    Oh, and if you choose to go on this diet, I reccomend buying sugar free Jello. I also have some in the fridge for when Im pratically starving and ready to give up. For a whole box of Jello theres on 20 calories! I know it saved my diet a bunch of times.

    Again, good luck!


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