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use the treadmill with a wet suit on?

hey all, i have started to put on a wet suit when i use the treadmill, for 1 hour and 30 mins. i tried it today and i was sweating so much!!!

do you think by wearing the wet suit you will burn double the amount of cals?

THANKS!!! BEST AND ACCURATE ANSWER will get 10 points!

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7 Responses to “use the treadmill with a wet suit on?”

  1. AWOL said :

    No, I think you will get deyhdrated from all that extra sweating! I’d lose the wetsuit if I were you, as your body needs to lose heat. Being hotter will burn very few extra calories and just make the whole experience rather unpleasant (unless you are a bit kinky and you like that sort of thing, lol!)

  2. booboo12 said :

    it will burn a few extra calories but you will get rid of mostly water and because you are hot and tired you will drink more,so in the long run it dosn’t make a big difference.

  3. bigyahbob696 said :

    Burning calories and sweating are two totally separate things.

    If you are using a treadmill for that long each day, is sounds like you are exercising too much in the first place. Compounding the problem by wearing a wetsuit is only going to make it worse.

    By wearing the wetsuit, you’ll burn the same amount of calories but might make yourself overheat and pass out. Not a good idea in my opinion.

  4. Sir Richard said :

    And the “best and accurate” answer always gets ten points.
    (That’s two answers).

  5. sarah b said :

    when doing a activity that makes you sweat is obviously excersicing is to make you lose weight people pay 500 pounds for a hour for this lose weight method so well done on thinking this up you will shed so much weight by doing this and if you carry on doing it for roughly four hours a week after you have acheived your desired weight then you can eat as much chocolate as you like lol remember to drink lots of water and pinch your hand to see if your dehidrated if your skin doesnt stay up then your fine im so excited for you this is the best way good luck!Xx

  6. Spence Y. said :

    Yea, it’s a great idea, I’m not fat or anything, just know about this, it’s easier than just worrying about three pair of sweaty clothes, whereas, you can just rinse out the suit and reuse it. Just keep the room Ventilated and cool, since you will sweat up a storm, but it’s worth it.

  7. Guillermo Linnell said :

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