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Twitching that I think is due to fat loss?

This may sound like a stupid question, but I have often wondered…I am currently loosing weight and every so often I would experience a twitch like sensation (in the legs usually). It doesn’t feel like a muscle twitch, more like someone patting their fingers on the skin. I thought that this might be fat being “pulled” away as I am loosing it? Have you experienced this, what do you think?

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One Response to “Twitching that I think is due to fat loss?”

  1. jimb.riley said :

    Nervous and muscular twitching is a good sign of mineral deficiency in your body.

    Most often it is from an insufficient, to a lack of Iodine (generally the major cause) but magnesium and iron can also affect twitching.

    If you are eating an insufficient variety/ amount of food groups you need to at least supplement your diet with vitamins/ mineral tablets.

    The tablets is not a replacement as to the body can only usually process at most 10% of the tablets content at one time. (best if taken with a full stomach).

    Throughout your body is a network of nerves in which electrical signals are constantly sent from the brain to the nerves and back. This is how you are able to feel with your skin as well as control your muscles. When there is an improper level of liquids and minerals the electrical signals get lost/ some gets delayed as in a resistor & capacitor that the muscles/ nerves in specific areas either gets little to signal al the way to too much signal which would cause the nerves/ muscles in the area to overload/ twitch. It could also mean that the insulating/ lining of the nerves are wearing out due to lack of materials in the body to repair them/ keep them (materials can only be put into the body by consumption/ intravenous injection as in hospitals).

    When deiting it is always good to consider just what your body needs on a daily basis and what are the extras which is what you can cut down on.


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