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Today I ran 3 miles on a treadmill in 26 minutes, and at one point my heart rate was 200 BPM?

I am 36 so my peak heart rate SHOULD be about 169 so, is it dangerous ?

I felt like it was a good workout and was running outwith my comfort zonee but is it dnagerous for me to excede my reccomended exercise rate ?

(I peaked at 8mph, averaged at 6.5 mph)
I was at Doctor’s recently who said my heart and blood pressure were absolutely fine !!

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6 Responses to “Today I ran 3 miles on a treadmill in 26 minutes, and at one point my heart rate was 200 BPM?”

  1. Jeff said :

    You should consider going to the doctor for a checkup to make sure there’s nothing wrong with you and you can run 3 miles in one workout. Keep in mind that treadmills are very inaccurate at monitoring your heart rate and other stats.

  2. out for justice. said :

    That is a high heart rate. I run 5 miles a day, and my heart beat never goes over 145. You need to get a stress test done, it could be natural for you, but I would still get it checked out.

  3. MrPink said :

    Don’t worry if you were just using the handle bar monitors as they are not accurate. I frequently hit 200bpm and feel perfectly fine. Try using a proper monitor cable which is usually made available at the gyms which will give a more acurate reading. If you really were doing 200bpm you would start feeling very dizzy and generally ‘wrong’!

  4. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    The handles on the machine also pick up your foot falls as well as interference and can be added to the BPM count so dont worry about it, I run on the treadmill and dont bother with that – just run to what my body will let me do, if I feel tired I slow down or stop, if Im feeling good I go quicker or for longer – listen to what your body says a bit and ignore the advise that is a catch all for everyone (one size fits no one type of effect)

    8mph and average of 6.5 isnt an excessive work out so dont worry too much.

  5. vegan_lauren said :

    out for justice said his was like 145. that’s because he’s used to it (he said he ran every day) so don’t worry about it. that’s a rough workout =]

  6. CHRIS C said :

    Simple answer is the HRMs that come with gym equipment are extremely unreliable. Purchase the watch type with the chest belt, they are mor accurate, howver they still have a fairly high error margin. If you’ve been tested and seen as fine then don’t worry. Also the so many beats take age etc. is very inaccurate way of getting the Heart rate, so many variables are unaccounted for. High heart rate can cause problems, but you’ve said you were tested normal so I would put it down to the shoddy equipment and forget about it.


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