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tips on getting mega fit ?

im hoping to go join the royal marines , im out of shape just now but starting monday im going to really try get back into shape.
the career adviser said i could do with loosing about 9 kilo , any tips on how to try loose that 9 kilo and even loose more ?

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3 Responses to “tips on getting mega fit ?”

  1. Monkey said :

    Go running/jogging regulary
    Go to a gym and work out
    Work out at home
    Eat healthily

  2. B34RP4RK said :

    watch forrest gump and follow his running patterns its not too hard really

  3. Ellesar said :

    Get a bike and use it as your primary form of transport.

    When you have to walk somewhere jog or run instead.

    Never miss out an opportunity to be more active.

    Make sure that you are always dressed for activity or have those clothes/ trainers with you so that you do not miss out on chances to exercise.

    Cut out junk food.

    Swim as much as you can fit in.


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