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Take fat loss catalyst pills while on P90X?

Would it be a good idea to use fat loss pills such as xenodrine or zantrex 3 while exercising with the P90X dvds? What are the pros and cons of these pills?

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One Response to “Take fat loss catalyst pills while on P90X?”

  1. Stooooo said :


    Personally I haven’t taken them while doing P90X, so I can’t say from personal experience. I do know of people who have taken fat burners while doing P90X and they got incredible results. However I know a lot of people have done P90X without them and got incredible results as well.

    My recommendation would be to do Phase 1 without so you can get used to the work out and the nutrition guide. Then if you feel you need the extra help, go right ahead. Just make sure you are eating and drinking enough.

    Hope this helps,
    Independent Team Beachbody Coach


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