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Suggestions for Fat Loss Around Arms and Legs?

I have a lot of fat and stuff around my arms and legs, and I was wondering if there were any really *specific* exercezes that would tackle this kind of thing. I think just general excersize is the best way, right?


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5 Responses to “Suggestions for Fat Loss Around Arms and Legs?”

  1. Lesa D said :

    I did weights and water aerobics.

  2. SkyLights90N said :

    Exercise doesn’t target specific areas. You cannot choose where you will lose weight, even if you only exercise those particular spots. General exercise is the best way.
    You can tone the muscles as you lose fat by using the arms and legs more…lifting weights, push-ups, running for example.

  3. Rachel P said :

    ohh i want to know this too… good Q x

  4. JULES. said :

    Actually it is possible to target certain areas of your body.

    For your legs is the easiest: run, jog, squats, lifting leg weights, walking, jumping, swimming
    For your arms you would have to tighten them up by doing push-ups, swimming or lifting weights

  5. abigail said :

    I am a gymnast and we do alot of arm and leg exercizes. you here is some exercises that you could do.
    stand up put your arms out shoulder high. and do little circles to the front and little circles to backwards then you face your palms upwards and pulse like that. the face them down and pulse. you can do that for like 2 minutes

    then you can do tricep dips:
    like sit in a chair and scoot off a little bit and have your legs bent and let your arms let your butt touch the ground and push back up.
    then you can just do regular push ups

    for your legs you can go to a wall and put your back to it. sit down in like in a invisible chair and put your arms out in front of you and you can hold it for a 1 minute or so. but don’t sit all the way down to the floor. you should be able to put a glass of water on your legs and it won’t spill.
    You can do walking lunges.
    you can do squat jumps that is where you stand up and separate your feet and sit down half way and jump back up. but don’t let your knee go over your toes.

    There are some exercizes you can do

    hope they help


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