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stopping smoking without any substitute ?

Is it possible to stop smoking straight away without any substitute?
im planning stopping tomorrow .
thanx :D,,,

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4 Responses to “stopping smoking without any substitute ?”

  1. MaryBlue (MarieAzul) said :

    yes but how well you do depends on you as a person. some people are strongminded and if they decide to stop that ‘s it they do. others may crave it but get by and others need help and support.

  2. AddisonOlivah Tremont said :

    Yes it is very much possible, however unless your a strong willed person you will find yourself smoking again. I always find that people find it easier to step down from smoking a a gradual rate, because of the nicotine addiction you brain has formed. However I have met some people who have quit smoking cold turkey. Whether you can do this or not depends on you.

  3. James J said :

    Hypnosis. Seriously.

    I stopped using hypnosis. My doctor advised me to use Champix tablets but the side effects relating to them are awful. My friend at the gym told me to try a hypnosis programme at home, so I did.

    Best thing about hypnosis from home is that you stick an MP3 on your MP4 player or your computer and learn how to control and rewire your brain. It sounds mad, I know, ha, but trust me it works.

    I’ve been smoke free for a year now. I get no cravings and have never used any substitute.

    A great way to learn about hypnosis to stop smoking is by reading an article written by Dr Harris.

  4. UK-Guy18 said :

    Yes its very possible , you just gotta have good will power and not think of ciggy’s 😀


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