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Stopping smoking? how did you do it?

I would really like to stop smoking, I have tried with patches which didn’t work for me, I have tried with gum which worked for about a week. Has anyone tried that tablet and did it work? Also any tips?

thanks.. 🙂

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5 Responses to “Stopping smoking? how did you do it?”

  1. Mary D said :

    Good for you! Quitting is the very best thing you can do for your health! Unfortunately, it’s also the hardest. I did it with the help of self-hypnosis. You should be able to find a tape or CD that will guide you through it. I lay down and listened to it several times a day while I was going through the roughest part. You might also look into private hypnosis or the sessions that go around from city-to-city.

    Another tip is to drink orange juice when you’re “detoxing” because there are compounds in it that ease the physical need.

    Of course, there is the patch, and although I haven’t used it, I heard a doctor on TV the other day say that it works very well and is available w/o a prescription now.

  2. L W said :

    I tried the Chantix pill and it did take the cravings away, but it made me sick so I couldn’t continue using it. It does give you some funky dreams but so many people I know have taken it and it has worked 100% for them. When you take it, and then smoke, the cigarettes taste so disgustingly terrible that you don’t want to smoke them. Try it, it really has been the golden ticket for many, many people.
    Good luck!

  3. sassydude65 said :

    I just stopped smoking. It lasted over a year. Now I smoke 3 or 4 Cigs a day. My motivation was somewhat different.
    As a teenager I could buy a pack of Cigs for 25 cents and they slipped two pennies in the pack as change making them 23 cents. When i gave them up they were priced at about $8.00 a pack here in NY. I will never be that rich!

  4. Lulubelle said :

    My husband has been taking Chantix for a VERY long time and it’s not working for him at all, but his mother had great results with it.

    When I quit smoking, I quit cold turkey. I made a list of the reasons why I wanted to quit. Whenever I found myself really wanting a cigarette I would remind myself why I was quitting … that smoking made me feel lousy and all the other things I listed. It’s easy, when you’re not experiencing the negative effects of smoking, to forget what they are.

    I found that one of my most difficult hurdles was that I would take a cigarette break to just get the heck away from my desk at work. Once I quit smoking, I had no excuse to go outside for a few minutes. I had to find some other way to take a break at work, so I would get up to take a little walk, to “stretch my legs.”

    For the famous “after meal” cigarette, I started carrying a toothbrush with me and brushed my teeth after I ate. It replaced the cigarette and gave me something to do with my hands.

    The “light up as soon as you get in the car” cigarette was kinda tough, but I cleaned and detailed the car, and made a no-smoking-in-the-car rule. That way, the car was all fresh and I didn’t want to stink it up with cigarette smoke and ashes.

    The most important thing is NEVER succumb to the “just this once” cigarette. That is truly the key to successful quitting, because that “just this once” cigarette is a lying little beyotch, which will lead you to the next “just this once” and the next, and the next, and the next …

  5. panda007 said :

    I really wanted to give up so i used patches and have been successful for nearly 3 years , hubby had a bad flu , went and got patches and his up to 4 weeks , he had difficulty breathing with flu and was told that’s what emphysema felt like
    Good on you , your thoughts are in the right place , one day at a time
    Good luck , it seems to be a growing trend.


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