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stopping smoking cold turkey?

i am thinking of stopping smoking cold turkey. do the cravings ease in time and how long before nicotine leaves the body thanks

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7 Responses to “stopping smoking cold turkey?”

  1. car man said :

    I would’nt worrry too much about the cravings when stopping

    I would use the patches if you want to help take the edge off -thats what i did .

    the important thing is making the decision to stop
    In your head now find all the things good about being a non smoker
    and all the bad things for you about being a smoker.
    Make them personel to yourself -thats very important
    they will stop you from smoking again

    check out

    for extra help

  2. carlar58 said :

    I quit cold turkey 6 years ago and after about a week it wasn’t too bad. I had just started studying the Bible and realized that I had to quit in order to be acceptable and clean in Gods eyes so I prayed myself through it. Now I am so happy because my health is so much better and my husband kept on smoking and he has emphysema now. Smoking is a dangerous habit and the sad thing is that by the time a person realized it, it is often times too late to stop the horrible effects of smoking. I suppose that it is never too late but even for my husband, six years ago would have been better then now because he can’t breathe anymore–just gasp for air.

  3. Tom said :

    idk about readn the bible and that other bullshit but i guess its whatever works 4 u i havent smoked in 10 years, i switched 2 chewing tobacco and then stopped doin that, u just hav 2 be abov it and not let it control u, its not easy.

  4. Jimmy said :

    there is a product on the market called Cigpro, check it out, really helpfull

  5. DPA6 said :

    Cold turkey is going to be tough. If you can make it past the first 2 weeks you should be alright. The first week you are dealing with the nicotine withdrawl, and the second the physical. There are alot of triggers out there that will want to make you want to smoke. I have not smoked in 11 days and am taking Chantix. It works great. I have smoked for 25 years and it makes the cravings really easy to deal with.

  6. Cyd said :

    The nicotine actually leaves your body after about 2 days. The cravings start out hard but if you can stick it out they do lessen in time. A lot of your success is going to be changing your lifestyle. Doing something else during the time you would normally be smoking. It’s a habit so you need to replace it with something else that’s enjoyable or keeps your mind off it. Good Luck!

  7. frankie b said :

    Good Luck!



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