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Sister is obese and needs to lose weight FAST for surgery?

Hi my older sister is morbidly obese and her doctor needs to do surgery on her but she needs to lose weight first so it’s easier to get to her organs. Please don’t say “Oh you’re not supposed to lose weight fast” because she is 5’1″ and 300 lbs… she really needs to lose weight because if she doesn’t get this surgery soon, she can get sick. Please give me diet plan ideas for her to lose weight quickly.

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2 Responses to “Sister is obese and needs to lose weight FAST for surgery?”

  1. lysssssssssssssssaaa!!! said :

    me too man.
    i need ideas as well
    someone smart should answer on here!

  2. LEd@ said :

    consult your doctor.

    cabbage soup diet


    eat healthy


    drink water



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