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Should I wait for puberty to stretch me out or try to lose fat?

I have kinda big thighs and a pudgy stomach. But my legs and arms are fine. I’m only 16, 5’11 and 170 lbs. I’m about halfway through puberty. Should I try to lose all the fat or let puberty do its thing?

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One Response to “Should I wait for puberty to stretch me out or try to lose fat?”

  1. Jaizameen said :

    i HAD the same problem except i’m a girl. BUT just WAIT until you finish puberty. you might think your all fat and pudgy now but if you just give yourself some time it will all work out. TRUST ME, unless your genes are working against you. If your asking how i know this, i used to weigh 132, but i gave myself more time and now i weigh 108, all just by waiting. actually i didn’t just lose weight i gained MUCH BIGGER curves, size 26 waist, 34inch hips and 32dd boobs. no one can beat that!!! haha, but yeah just give yourself some time.


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