Should I jog, run or walk every day for 30 minutes to get slimmer thighs?

I want to have slimmer legs (thighs, specifically) more than athletic, more muscular legs. I guess toned is what I’m going for. I know that jogging/running/walking helps, but I’ve heard that jogging can give you big muscle mass or whatever, so I was wondering which of the three will help me slim down and tone, not build muscle.

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3 Responses to “Should I jog, run or walk every day for 30 minutes to get slimmer thighs?”

  1. Mr. Glassbrook said:

    jogging burns more energy and by doing so must dip into your fat reserves. walking and jogging can be considered the same thing only one performs that act you desire faster. another point is that its doesnt entirely give u bigger leg and thigh muscles. it gives u leaner muscles, not bigger, and these are made to raise ur stamina. there are two types of muscles in the body. u got those giant strong ones, and then u got the tough lean ones that have great amounts of stamina. it sounds like u want the latter. so jog.

  2. Dave said:

    I’ll start with an explanation to help you understand how to choose your exercises.

    Muscles grow in response to exercise that demands the use of POWER. Power comes from the combination of AMOUNT of force (e.g. amount of weight) and SPEED of movement.

    * Olympic weight-lifters have big muscles, through POWER via AMOUNT (huge weight lifted once);
    * Olympic sprinters have muscular legs, through POWER via SPEED (many, very rapid movements carrying the whole body weight forwards and upwards dozens of times within 10 seconds);
    * Marathon runners are skinny through, making thousands of low-power movements across 2 or more hours.

    For you:
    * Swimming would be good because you would use your legs but without lifting or pushing weight or even carrying your own body weight. (Thus, low power!)

    * Aerobics would also be good because the movements are relatively slow and low-weight (low power compared with weight-lifting, running, etc.) whilst providing varied movements which are good for using the many muscles you have in your legs.

    * Of the three exercises you mentioned, you will now appreciate that walking is the lowest-power one and will produce the least muscle mass. The low power comes not only from the (typically) slower rate of movement but from the fact that walking uses the lowest amount of lifting the body off the ground. With practise and increasing fitness, you can walk very fast and burn more calories than many people do jogging.

    I can easily walk 4 to 4.5 miles per hour.

  3. Samuel said:

    jog for first 5 days and start running for 15 minutes and add 3 minutes on daily basis until you can’t run for 30 minutes..


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