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Should Americans be jailed for not buying health insurance?

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11 Responses to “Should Americans be jailed for not buying health insurance?”

  1. Muslim Idiot said :

    You should change your name to Seek Help

    seriously your an idiot

  2. rainydaygirl said :

    Would you mind explaining your question a little? I only ask because if you don’t I have no choice but to say “no, HELL no.”

  3. jetero41 said :

    Only after the name has been changed to The United Socialist States of America.

  4. dm_felionous said :

    I would consider that counter productive in the extreme. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen though.

    No they should not and it is not specifically intended that they will be. The intention is that they will be fined on their tax return and those incapable of paying such a fine would be eligible for government assistance and essentially free health care anyway. About the only way they could be jailed is if they refused to pay their taxes while having the ability to do so, which is a separate offense that we already jail people for. But, like I said it doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

  5. tentieooo said :

    the question is should americans break and illegal law

  6. Komola said :

    I think an administration should be jailed for not providing minimum health care protection fro all citizens.

  7. Jack said :

    No. They will not be jailed. This will be enacted as part of the passage of the Health-Care reform in 2014. People who refuse to buy Insurance will be fined. Do not misinterpet the fine print. People who cannot afford the premiums will be subsidized by the Government. Those who are rich will never be fined, most if not all of them are self insured. This is to bring in the upper middle class whose participation is necessary. It’s no different than Social Security or Local, State, and Federal Taxes. Anyone who is Employed will have to be Insured either through the Employer or Self payment. A family of 4 making less than 80,000 dollars will receive govt. subsidies. The biggest majority of people in that wage bracket have insurance through their employment which will not change. You can’t be fined if you are unemployed. This is not a scheme to bring huge fines against those unable to pay. A young person doesn’t need a Social Security Retirement account but if it’s not paid into during all their years of employment it wont amount to enough to matter. In order to have any kind of Universal health care all must participate. If one has no insurance and gets sick or hurt who’s gonna pay. Leaving one to decide to participate or not would put us in a worst shape than we are now.

  8. Sir Studley Smugly said :

    Counterproductive. The USA has more people in prison per capita than any other country in the world. THE WORLD, I tell ya. If you have some sort of disease, just commit a crime, you’ll get health care, eventually.

    It’s pretty sad when convicts get health care, but honest, hardworking people can’t, because they can’t afford it, or have that hellspawn disease, “preexisting condition.”

  9. Gandhi said :

    The simple answer is of course they shouldn’t, however,… House Speaker Pelosi has herself admitted “JAIL” is fair for not buying health insurance, so YES, they probably will go to jail,…unless the People grow a set of ***** and overthrow the traitors who are controlling their Nation and Destroying the Constitution.

    See here, her attempts to avoid answering the question, she clearly does mean JAIL:

  10. Freedom Wins III said :

    I still want to know why the Dems are afraid to say What Department will collect the fines!! What’s the matter Dems, you afraid to say the IRS and give it away they will have full access to everyone’s financial accounts?

  11. Ask me about The Beatles said :

    No. They should be fined. We don’t have debtor’s prisons here.

    Intentionally mis-spelling the name of The President of The United States is childish and un-American.


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