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Short cardio or long sessions?

which is better, short hard cardio or long brisk walks on the treadmill for fatloss which still building muscle?

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2 Responses to “Short cardio or long sessions?”

  1. starbert71 said :

    The answer to this one is simple. Find some pictures of some marathon runners. Then find some pictures of some sprinters. Even though they both have low levels of bodyfat the sprinters have more muscle. So short hard bouts of cardio are better than long moderate bouts of cardio. You also may want to read this article/research study and give the training method here a try.

  2. Ansgar L said :

    Perform short cardio sessions with intervals such as run as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then jog back at normal pace. Then repeat this every 2 or 3 minutes. This will build muscle for your legs and will boost fat loss. If you want a more intense workout building muscle on your legs set the incline level on the treadmill higher while jogging and run really fast for 30 second at regular incline level and repeat


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