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Road Running or Treadmill?

I’ve had some problems with my knees which seem to be getting better with the help of physio. I am using a treadmill at the moment. I was wondering if it was better or worse for your knees running outside?

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12 Responses to “Road Running or Treadmill?”

  1. FoundMyStar said :

    A treadmill is better because it is a flat surface, whereas the road surface is not.

  2. jitteryjewel said :

    I would say it depends on where you are running? I havn’t had many issues running on a track but if your talking about off track I’ve found in the past to be harder on my knees and ankles.

  3. Skye said :

    Well I would give both a try and see what works best for you! Here is what i found out for you:
    – concrete is a bad surface to run on-you could get injuries
    – the road is not bad (average)
    – grass is a safe surface to run on!
    – tartain tracks are the best surface to run on!!! It is a great shock absorber! I hope I helped.

    Tread mills are great though because if you get an injury you can stop staight away, but if you were out road running, you have the risk of limping home! Also treadmills are smooth and flat. A good, well designed running device!

    Well all the best of luck! I hope what ever you do works out for you!

  4. Tyler H said :

    Running outside is worse on your knees because a treadmill have a cushioned surface so there is less impact then when you run outside especially on pavement.

  5. chaaalie said :

    neither — biking — less pounding on knees

  6. chiquitabanana said :

    My dad has this friend he is one of the best orthopedic surgeons we know and i remember he said one day, that the worse u can do for your knees, and all ur bones is running on the streets.

  7. nuts08 answering since 07 said :

    treadmill is better – but a exercise bike would be better to use then a treadmill it’s alot easier on the knee’s

    i would use a exercise bike for a while until your knee’s are fully better then progress to the treadmill then start runnin outside up hills werever you please.

  8. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    Treadmill is easier on the knees. The makers realised that people spend a long time on them and have made the road bit with a bit a spring in it – so that the impact on your knees isnt so great – and so its easier on your knees. They are also better because the surface is flat, and you are running ina straight line (turning can cause a knee to twist, especially looking backwards when crossing a road) and so can an uneven road surface.

    If you are using a treadmill, I might guess you are going to the gym to use it – you could also try halving the session every now and then and using a bike – or if you arnt then training on a road bike is better on your knees than running 9and fitness is better than not using the knees)

    Some runners get problems with their knees when their trainers are old or when they are the wrong type (they are made to correct a foot twisting on landing which affects the knees (its called pronouncing)) so you could check with a specialist running shop – take your old ones along and ask for their opinion. OK they want to make money but most realise that good service and you will go there for your trainers and other kit anyway.

  9. lawman7117 said :

    I have found that pain while running is directly affected by your output and results. For instance, if you ran hard and built up a nice pace outside, your endorphins would take over, your reach the “runner’s high” quickly and you will have a great workout. Your knees may hurt, but you will feel so good from your performance, that you might not notice the knee pain.

    I prefer running outside to a treadmill anyday. I need motivation and scenery and other reeling in other runners is plenty of motivation for me. No matter how hot or cold it is.

  10. tata said :

    BETTER to run on the treadmill if you have knees problems =)

    or if your neighborhood is safe, when you run outside, make sure you run on dirt NOT PAVEMENT
    it will do more damage toyour knees

    dont push yourself too much
    do some walking too =)

    also very import –PROPER SHOES!!!!!!

  11. secondsplease said :

    treadmills can push u better. Tend to do more intevals on them. Roadrunning is better for steady state cardio or briskwalkg

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