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recommendations please! (getting fit)?

my friend and i want to get fit but in an interesting way! we get bored easily so diversity is key. we’re looking for recommendations of different types of dance or whatever you can think of really! I don’t really know what we’re looking for yet so open to (almost) all ideas!
i havn’t thumbs downed anyone excuse u!

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5 Responses to “recommendations please! (getting fit)?”

  1. ♥♥♥Mr Robinson's Missus!♥♥♥ said :

    pole dancing

  2. jdc said :

    Martial Arts is an excellent workout, you’re constantly learning new techniques as you progress so you won’t get bored and there are opportunities to spar (fight) and actually practice what you learn.

  3. Mystical Mamba said :

    wii fit

    they have them in my local gym

    my husband gets me to do naked hula on it 🙂

    why the thumbs down?

  4. retox said :

    dancing is good fun and something you can improve on over time. Anything from ballet to hip hop – you will be surprised at how quick you will tone up once you get started – just take a look at most dancer’s bodies to see how toned they are.

  5. snorky998 said :

    Lots and lots of sex.

    Oh…or you could try belly dancing.

    ..and why the thumbs down, ‘Lolita’ for mentioning ‘sex’?? ….Geez, there’s no pleasing some folk.


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