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Plz help with fitness plan using my treadmill?

I have purchased a treadmill, and have used it the last two days for 30 minutes at a time, and ran 3miles each time! my aim is to tone my belly. I have read allot about only Cardio burns fat and ab exercises tone it! But my question is will someone suggest a fitness plan using my treadmill and which ab exercises to do and how often!

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3 Responses to “Plz help with fitness plan using my treadmill?”

  1. James harsh said :

    Treadmill huh? Go to my source, they have lots of great fitness tips including treadmill fitness plan.

  2. chaimss said :

    I found that one of the best parts of joining ROTC was losing weight, and I hardly changed my eating habits! I’m putting in a bunch of links from the fitness center that I used the summer before I started the program, and I went down two belt sizes (mind you, I was never obese, just out of shape)! The key is two things:

    1. Don’t overdue yourself. If you start out pumping yourself out you’ll lose it almost immediately- get into a steady, sustainable rhythm, and
    2. Keep at it! It’s all about the repetition!
    3 (yes, I know I said 2). Stretttch before and after! This is very important, I can’t stress this enough, and one of my links discusses it.

  3. Herma Swope said :

    Hey there. I needed to inquire some thing…is the following a wordpress blog page as we are planning to be changing over to WP. Also did you make this theme all by yourself? Thanks.


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