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Personal Trainers. PLEASEE I NEED EXPERTS…?

ok so ..i have asked sooo many trainers including my own. but i neverrrr get the advice im looking for.
I am a female
22 years old
5’4 and weigh 185

Yes i am obviously overweight. But the point I am trying 2 get across is that I feel like i dont get toned as if the way other females do. I am relativley big boned. When i tell people I tell them I weigh 185 they dont beleive it because in general i dont have a small frame. Obviously I need to loose weight which i am working on right now. and my problem area is my tummy!

My question is, i feel that when other girls try to loose weight/get toned with weights they quickly see the results in the way that they want. but whenn i do my weights my arms tend to get bigger like a man, and NOT get toned and sleek,,, its like i just build more muscle?!??? is this possible, when i tell people they say no there is no such thing since I am a female but I am pretty sure they are wrong. I want to know how I can do weights appropritaley so that I can get that lean thin look instead of just get bigger….and no i dont lift massive weights if some may think, I just do what is typical for a girl…lighter weight with a lot of reps…

alsooo my last question… I feel like when I workout my abs, my stomach gets bigger?!???? if this makes any sense?!?…id love to know why this is…


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4 Responses to “Personal Trainers. PLEASEE I NEED EXPERTS…?”

  1. Raven Love said :

    You actually expect “experts” on yahoo answers? Try cardio, shakeweights dont work, kickboxing, etc.

  2. FR34KY said :

    Why not focus on cardio (running, cycling, etc) & focus a bit less on weights then after you feel you’re good, increase the weight intensity.

  3. Grip Tail said :

    you want lean muscle then dont use weights at all. OR if you want to use weights use as little weight as possible and do more reps instead of high weight low reps (reps are how many times you lift the weights

    if i were you i would focus on just lifting your own body weight and LENGTHENING THE BODY instead of weight lifting. Yoga is great to creating LEAN muscle rather then making the muscles grow bigger

    everyones bodies are different. Things like metabolism and genetics play a factor to how fast you loose weight and also some people are naturally more fat. some people can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. Not fair for everyone but its true

    i have the same problem with the stomach. The reason is when you do ab workouts your abs are actually GROWING under the fat. So its important to loose the fat on top as well as build the muscle. I personally dont do ab workouts for this reason. Instead i do exercises that requires you to do use your abs without actually focusing on abs. Concentrate more on cardio and less on muscle building with weights

    Overall my biggest would be to tell you dont use weights or use as little as possible. Try things like jumprope and kickboxing. They burn so much calories to get you thinner (FYI getting your heart rate higher will burn more calories then a steady low heart. So remember to push yourself hard

    DIET is the most important. Exercise is a CLOSE second

  4. Christina Murray said :

    Ok I know your looking for a trainer but I’m 23 at 128 pounds. When I was 19 I weighed 174 pounds, so I’ve kept the weight off for awhile and I’m telling you from experience that once you start losing inches(because we both know muscle weighs MORE than fat and scales just help us stay on track!) You will star to see you’re toned muscles you’ve so desired. Focus on burning calories and fat which is what you do when you lift weights also. But you need to burn tons of calories,walking/jogging and elipticals are the best to start off with.But if you can’t see you’re muscles under you’re fat then I hope you can see why your not able to see your toned muscles. Not trying to be rude, and I hope u see it is only to help you out. I did strenght training everyday, but as i got lighter i couldnt lift as much so i started lifting more And I never “bulked” up So unless your eating beef for every meal and eating over 3,000 calories a day like a football player,along with massive weights. I can only tell you that once you lose about 30 pounds you will see what ur trainer is telling you about!! Eat veggies,protein and drink lots of water. You have to really be determined to see your results– also obviously what you have been doing,eating/exercise wise is not working for you (cause u wouldnt be overweight,right?) So maybe try it someone elses way?and need to make a change to see a change, listen t ur trainer or get a new one? Do you research too!! Good luck!!


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