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Nutrition during fat loss?

ok, I am SO confused! Diet has got to one of the most confusing aspects to training, which is why I’m pretty gutted it’s the most important part! Right now I’m trying to get rid of around 6% bodyfat, currently being at or just under 15%. I think I have a pretty good idea of how many calories I need to take in, but am quite confused about actual foods… Like some people say carbs should be low (I have cut out bread and pasta – my weaknesses!) I agree with this but I don’t have a clue what carbs are ‘acceptable’. I don’t eat crap like sweets and cakes and biscuits, and for now have cut out bread and pasta etc however carb are everwhere, like in meusli, nuts well you know. Are these ok to eat on a fatloss phase? Plus I also read some fruits are high in carbs (as sugars) but I just can’t see the logic in cutting out fruits (and potatos for that matter). So can someone please enlighten me?! Finally here is roughly the foods I am currently eating (oh and I’m veggie) meusli with semi skimmed milk (semi for nutrients and fats) a fair bit of fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts (plain Brazils, almonds, cashew etc) quorn, salad, tofu, vegetable oil (obviously mixed into meals) and I drink water and sometimes a weak squash… Finally I also sometimes have some whey protein powder. How does all this sound? I wanna have it right rather than get frustrated after weeks of nothing. Oh finally I am male, 18yo, 5’10” 74kg (I think it’s around 140lb), and very active mostly doing intense exercises (strength work, football (soccer), athletics and tricking) THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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2 Responses to “Nutrition during fat loss?”

  1. jason said:
  2. great ideas said:

    Just continue doing what you want..Its a good diet program and your activity can help you up so much..

    Good Luck!!


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