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Never been on treadmill?

I have never been on treadmill. What level should I run at? Im tall skinny and athletic. Never ran though, just substituted with swimming or other sports.

I want a short and fast run. Within a 30 minute time frame. Can a fit/healthy/athletic individual normally run at like a 7 or 8 without a problem? How about incline?


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5 Responses to “Never been on treadmill?”

  1. ed said :

    Just put the treadmill on the manual adjustment mode until it feels like the speed/ incline you want to run. Mine has half a dozen included programs and another 6 user-programed work outs. A 7 or 8 will mean different things on different treadmills. If you are in a gym just ask somebody to at the gym to set it up for you. Mine has an emergency stop so you don’t get tossed off the back if it starts going too fast.

  2. Barbz said :

    You should do the manual programme and then gradually build the speed up from walking to a jog then running, that way you will be able to find the pace that’s right for you. 🙂

  3. rayWI said :

    Just test it out when you get on,its starts slows and then just take it as high as you can handle it.

  4. vengeancewins said :

    Go to the track and time yourself doing a mile at a pace you think you could handle for longer. Use that time to see what speed you should use on the treadmill.

  5. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    Get on it and try it out, they arn’t hard to master.

    I would say to put the speed to 3 or 4 to start with which should be a walking pace just to get used to how it works. Make sure you can use the speed control (slowing it down).

    When you are comfortable walking on it (a couple of minutes) slowly increase the speed. Note that the speed doesn’t increase instantly so you might set it to going too fast (hence why making sure you can slow it down!). Get to a speed you are comfortable running at and go from there. Remember the speed for next time.

    You might be tempted to set the speed too fast but unlike road running where you slwo down naturally, the treadmill keeps a constant speed so its important to get the speed right. For your first time or 2 increase the speed slowly.

    If you can set the incline to a slight slope – 1/2 degree or 1 degree for general running.

    There are lots of training programes that you can do on the treadmill once you are used to how it works and the incline will come into it then.

    My advice is to try it and see, ask advice from someone on how the controls work and take the first couple of sessions steadily until you know what you and the machine can do – and then go for a training program (short fast runs or whatever)


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