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need help getting slimmer for summer?

im only 14, and you might say thats too young to worry about wieght, but I do. I try to eat healthy, but its annoying having to think about everything i eat and calories etc. I do excersise but its hard in this weather, and I cant join a gym as im too young. any tips on weight loss & indoor excersises that WORK ??

thank you 🙂 x

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2 Responses to “need help getting slimmer for summer?”

  1. Gemma !! said :

    i know how u feel , im only 13 years old and i try to eat healthier , i never use to have breakfat but i do now , and have lots of small meals instead of 3 BIG ONES. and i go to a gym , cuz they have a supervised gym and i go swimming 3 times a week . slowly loosing ………

  2. ♥ChAnElLe♥ *Keeley's Mummy* said :

    Are you from the UK? If so then you get free Swimming for under 16year old now, swimming is a great way to keep fit. Also if you have stairs the try step ups. Good Luck


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