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My son wants to loose weight fast like in one week and wants to look skiny ?

My son whants to loose weight fast because there is this girl that he likes and he whants to ask her in two weeks but he wants to look skiny and weight less how can i help?

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4 Responses to “My son wants to loose weight fast like in one week and wants to look skiny ?”

  1. jimmi said :

    it takes at least 3+ weeks if u wanna just work out and diet its not magic

  2. Tyler L said :

    Tell him to accept himself the way that he is and if this girl is that concerned about his weight then he should likely keep looking!

  3. rockergirl20032003 said :

    Dropping weight that quickly is dangerous and DO NOT encourage him to go this route. Aside from that, they just don’t work…you could drop 5/10 pounds in a week or two, but it’ll just come back plus some.

    Instead, encourage him to eat healthy. Pay attention to the food pyramid and try to follow it as much as possible. Pay attention to serving sizes and teach your son how to measure them out. Switch to a 2% or 1% milk, cut out drinking sodas (even diet sodas as they just make you hungry), only buy wheat bread, pastas, etc instead of white. Don’t buy junk food and have it laying around the house, instead, buy lots of fruits and other healthy snacks for your son to snack on after school.

    Encourage your son to exercise. Instead of staying inside watching tv, playing on the computer or playing video games get him to go outside to shoot some hoops, start playing a sport (which will score points with the girl I’m sure) or even just walking. Even just 30 minutes of activity a day will help out a lot.

    If you aren’t in these healthy habits yourself, it’s a great opportunity to start up! Heck, it’ll be a nice way to bond with your son…take a 15 minute walk together each day, discuss menus for family dinners…if he’s old enough (which he seems like) he can help you prepare dinner.

    Aside from the social aspect of loosing weight, it’s a good idea to get your child into a habit of making smart food choices and keeping himself active. It’ll keep him healthy when he gets older, but it will help him to be happier and to be more confident in himself. Did you know that physically activity is a natural antidepressant? Just something to think about.

  4. Jazzy Geo said :

    He could always go on a fast. It’s not healthy and it’s not long term but it works. He can probably lose 7 -10 pounds in a week. I would advise him to drink vegetable drinks and water. You probably would serve him better by advising him to love himself and others will too. Plus if he’s that overweight he will not “look skinny” in one weeks time.


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